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Anthony's Image in Providence R.I. offers the finest in men's and women's hair replacement solutions. Every option in non-surgical hair replacement available anywhere is available here at a fraction of the cost. Price, quality and service. Your consultation is only a phone call away.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Anthony Palumbo
We understand you may have questions about the hair replacement process at Anthony's Image whether you are an experienced wearer, or considering making a change to your appearance for the first time. We have prepared answers for frequently asked questions in the hopes that we can help you understand the process, and dispel notions you may have about modern systems. While we believe this section will answer many of your questions, we understand that everyone is unique, and encourage you to call
(401)-272-3237 if we have missed something important to you.

  • What is the difference between your hair units and the nationally advertised "clubs"?

    Price, service, and experience.
    We do not use the model of "club membership" or any other type of gimmick to hide our pricing. Every type of system available to the national chains are available to us at a fraction of the cost to you.
    We sell and service the units in our salon in Providence and have on-site, experienced technicians who perform all our repairs.
    We have been in the business of helping men and women look their best since 1976. You deal with the owner when you do business with us. No sales people, no one is on commission, no one will try to up-sell you. We give you our honest opinion regarding your hair loss, and work with you toward the solution we think will work best for you.

  • Can I pick my own hairstyle or do I have to choose from your gallery?

  • The gallery only shows examples. Please remember one of the most important things is to design a hair system relative to your existing density and color. Wavy or curly styles are usually less detectable than bone-straight styles.

  • What is better Human or Synthetic hair?

    Human hair is easier to style and has a more natural look. However human hair oxidizes eventually requiring coloring. Oxidation can be minimized by avoiding long periods in the hot sun, and wearing while swimming, especially in a pool.

  • How long does a hair system last?

  • This is a difficult question to answer because of the lifestyle issues involved. Using our recommendation of two units at a time, someone who generally wears their units indoors should last a year or more without any problem. If you play tennis, swim, beach etc wearing your units, you are likely to need to order replacements more often.

  • How long from when my order is placed, and my unit(s) arrive?

  • Usually 6-8 weeks for custom orders. Stock units usually take less than a week to arrive.

  • Can I buy just one unit, or do you recommend more?

  • You can purchase as few or as many as you like. We recommend purchasing at least two units at a time. This allows for greater quality control and you will always have a unit to wear when the other is being serviced.

  • It seems I can order hair units right over the internet and save money. Is this an option for me?

  • Of course it is. If you feel comfortable with taking several samples of your hair, taking a mold and sending the material to an unknown vendor, you should feel free to do so. We have had many customers come to us after having negative experiences with such an approach however, and you should be sure to know with whom you are dealing.

  • What type of guarantee do you offer?

  • Our guarantee is simple and straightforward. If within sixty days, you are unhappy with your purchase, we will re-order a new unit(s) or refund your money, your choice. The guarantee applies to units purchased from, originally cut-in, and serviced by Anthony's Image.

  • What is the cost to me?

  • Many factors can influence the final cost to the customer. However, most of our units sell for around $900. If three units are bought, a year of haircutting and service is included in the pricing. Supplies are sold separately.